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A to Z of Software Applications

In groups, identify a list of A-Z software applications that you know, what they do, and how you have used them!

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  1. JB
    September 7, 2012 at 8:51 am

    A- Angry Birds- Entertainment, thow birds at pigs who hide who hide in buildings
    B- Bebo- Social netwoking site
    C- Comic Life, create comics
    D- Dreamweaver – create your own website
    E- Explorer – Explore the web
    F- Facebook – social network site
    G – Google – search engine
    H – Hotmail – Email site
    I – Instagram – Picture sharing site
    J – Java – Video/game player
    K – Kizi – Online game website
    L – Lottery – Lottery app
    M- Minecraft – computer game
    N – News – Keep udated with news from around the world
    O – Odeon app – news about films
    P- Paper toss – entertainment
    Q- Qype – Best things London
    R – Radio – Listen to music
    S – Skype – communication
    T – Twitter – Social network
    U – Urban Dictionary
    V – Voice recorder
    W – wikipedia – online information
    X – xbox live app – Online gaming
    Y – Youtube – watch videos
    Z- Zamzar – file converter

  2. September 7, 2012 at 8:53 am

    A – Angry Birds – game that fires birds – entertainment purposes
    B – Blackberry Messenger – Talk to Friends – socialisation
    C – Cut the Rope – feed the guy sweeties – entertainment purposes
    D – Dailymotion – Watch Videos – Entertainment / Informational
    E – Email – Socialise with friends – socialisation
    F – Facebook – Talk to Friends – Socialisation
    G – Google – Search Engine – Research
    H – Hotmail – Socialise with friends – socialisation and email
    I – Itunes – Download Music – Entertainment
    J – Java – Software Runner – Tool
    K – Kinect – xbox extra – Entertainment
    L – Lovefilm – Rent Films – Entertainment
    M – Moonpig App – Customisation of Greeting Cards – Shopping
    N – Netflix – Watch Films – Entertainment
    O – Origin – Download Games on PC – Entertainment
    P – Playstation Network – Play Games – Entertainment
    Q – Q Pang – Shoot Aliens – Entertainment
    R – reddit – read and watch the news – Informational
    S – Spotify – Listen to free songs – Entertainment
    T – Twitter – Socialise with your friends – Socialisation
    U – Utoirrent – Downloading .torrent files – Tool
    V – Video2mp3 – Rips Youtube videos to mp3 files – Tool
    W – Winrar – Open’s zip files – Tool
    X – Xbox – Play Games – Entertainment
    Y – Youtube – Watch videos – Entertainment
    Z – zamzar – Convert Files – Tool

  3. zakboddy
    September 7, 2012 at 8:54 am

    A-adobe reader- is a software to read pdf files easily.
    B-black berry messenger- a chat service made only avaliable for black berry owners.
    C-cydia- a free software to download applications easily
    D- dictionary- to find word definitions freely
    E- espn goals- latest score updates in sports
    F-flashlight app- to be able to see in the dark from phone with light
    G google chrome- a more up to date google browser to search for a variety of things eg, infromation from wikipdedia
    H- HTC HUB- download new up to date apps only available for HTC
    I- i cloud- easily transfer software for apple products from phone to computer
    J- java script to read computer language easily
    K-kinect- a hardware device used with xbox consoles by using a visual control
    L-limewire- free download software for a variaty for things e.g films,music,games,apps
    M-map-gps system to find locations nearby easily
    N-natwest online banking- to manage banking through phone
    O- orange app- shows new orange phone network deals and offers
    P-paper toss-free game download for the pone
    Q-quick look up google search- to easily google search information on phone
    R-real time player- watch videos in a high quality on computers
    S-skype-messenger programme to easily message someone and also freely calls either by voice or video
    T-temple run- phone download for muliple types of phone networks

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